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Waterless Disinfection Services

Why get the disinfection service?
  • The steering wheel harbors 9X more bacteria than a toilet seat
  • The gear stick is home to approximately 356 different kinds of germs
  • The floor commonly contains C.diff, a dangerous bacteria strain
  • A lot of common infections like cold and flu are often transmitted in cars
  • The boot retains an average of 850 strains of bacteria
  • The car AC gives the worst air quality one can experience in the whole day
Why us (Anosan Eco)?
  • Disinfects car AC, improves the air quality and prolongs the life of the compressor
  • Non-corrosive & non-staining, safe for all surfaces, leather and electronics
  • Safe to inhale, car can be used immediately after treatment
  • Treats hard to reach areas
  • Deodorizes the interior
  • German technology
  • Non-residual and completely natural disinfectant without alcohol
  • Does not make the car vehicle interior wet


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